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Thermal Properties that Make Graphite an Excellent Material for High Temperature Applications.
Graphite’s most notable, and most unique property, has to be its incredible thermal properties.

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Ao hui carbon provides customized products and services for international growth markets.In the past few years, Ao hui carbon company has quickly become one of the most respected suppliers of graphite products worldwide.The company exports over 50% of its production to more than 24 countries of the world.Our ability to source the best raw material from sources worldwide and the skills of our human.

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Attention! Export to Russia warning, many banks suspended, restricted, and closed accounts!

Attention to export to Russia! Since February, many banks have strengthened the review of Russia-related business! U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order at the end of December 2023 imposing "secondary sanctions" on financial institutions around the world that support Russia's special...

China Carbon Industry General Assembly Released!

The fourth general meeting of the seventh session of China Carbon Industry Association was successfully held, and Aohui company and colleagues in the industry gathered in Pingdingshan to contribute to the development of China's carbon industry! At the beginning of the conference, the president de...